Large Simulation Model

  • Minimum size would be 900mm x 600mm: It varies depending on the kind of model.
  • Multiple Features can be added in one test-bed. Every simulation is customized uniquely as the customers’ request.
  • Any Hardware or model not in the list is still possible upon the request.
  • Documented Manuals can be purchased at an additional cost.

↓ Smart City

↓ Smart Factory

Critical Infrastructure

Train System
Train System
Power Plant Turbine
Power Plant Turbine
Airport System
Airport System
Power Supply
Power Supply

※ Water treatment facility is available upon request, for cases such as Filtration, Desalination, Water Level, Boiler Control etc.

Other Features

- Available Hardware 

IoT Device, RF Module, Bluetooth Module, Bluetooth Kit, Laptop, Disaster Siren, CCTV, Wi-Fi AP, Zigbee Module, Relay

- Available Software
HMI, VMWare, Windows OS

- Available Communication Protocol
Modbus, TCP/IP, Serial, RS232, RS422, RS485, DNP3, OPC, IEC101, Profibus

※ Additional charges will be applied as these are not essential

Other Features PLC & HMI Brands


※ The Default Brand included in the model is LSIS Additional charges will be incurred for choosing different PLC brand.