ICS/SCADA system controls most of the critical infrastructures today. The system may seem safe due to its OT nature or the latest patching technology, but it is still penetrable. One should truly understand how to penetrate, in order to find out effective ways to defend.

Students will learn the components and architecture,latest threat information, and how to pen-testICS/SCADA system. Actual field devices and ICS/SCADA simulation will be utilized to teach zero-day vulnerabilities found on ICS/SCADA related productand how to find zero day vulnerabilities.

Why ICS/SCADA Training

Due increasing cyber threatin
ICS/SCADA facilities

Imitate how hackers may
attack the facilities

Understand how
facilities work

Weigh the benefit and cost
of patching the facilities

Find out vulnerabilities that
exist in ICS/SCADA facilities

Secure the IT & OT area

Unique Strengths

Hands-On Kit

Trainees are offered with hands-on kit where
they can use to hack the system and understand offensive point of view

Customized Training

Our training can be fully customized to cater for various needs in companies & institutions

Impact Visualization

Utilizing our very own simulation test-bed with PLC and HMI used in real world scenario

Red Alert’s Analysis Report

Training also provides detailed report made by NSHC's professional researchers


Who should take this training

Security Researcher

IT Team

OT Engineer