Intelligence Service

Red Alert team provides intelligence service about cyber security trend, malware attack, 0-day vulnerability, APT Group Profiling, ICS/SCADA and IoT through Red Alert Intelligence Service.

Especially, our team have been focusing on Industrial Control Systems and researching how to bypass airgap, how to attack the ICS system and how to secure every different structured SCADA systems. We have collected a large amount of ICS/SCADA issue from all over the world and made reports of 0-day vulnerability, malware analysis, APT group profiling about Industrial Control System. The follows are our contents that we have issued.

  • The latest cyber security issues and trends
  • Malware analysis and Vulnerability analysis
  • Tools and techniques to aid analysis and attack
  • IoC(Partnership with
  • Deep analysis of specific issue
  • In-depth information about particular issue

We offer our research reports and hold seminar for our customers periodically. By providing this intelligence, we can be the most trustworthy offensive research partner in field of ICS/SCADA security.